Nintendo is still planning to nuke Super Mario 3D All-Stars after March 31st, as they keep reminding us on social media. While this is baffling for many, naturally you will still be able to buy the game after that date… at least for a little while. Nintendo stops printing physical copies that day, meaning one or two more shipments could arrive at retailers after the March 31st date.

So at least for most of April, you can still likely buy it physically. However, we have known that this whole time. What about folks who want to buy it digitally? Whelp, it turns out that you too will still be in luck, at least for a little while. Online retailers can purchase as many “download cards” of the game they want before the end of day on March 31st, 2021. All of those codes purchased will still be able to be sold and activated after that date. So in theory, Amazon could purchase 1 million of those codes and still be able to sell them until they are gone over the next year.

Naturally, that’s likely a bit of wishful thinking that any retailer will purchase that many digital codes. Still, here is what Nintendo said coming from Video Games Chronicle:

However, on Tuesday Nintendo’s Japan HQ confirmed that Super Mario 3D All-Stars download cards purchased from retailers will be redeemable “after April”. The company has previously said that owners of the game would be able to re-download it in the future too.

So there you have it. There is still hope, even if you won’t be able to go onto the eShop directly to purchase it after that date.

Source: VGC

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